If you are looking to implement DITA in your organization in a simple, low code manner, we can help. Texdora allows you to implement DITA without XML coding. This is acheived through a topic-based structure that supports standalone reuseable content design. You can create as many topics as you want and publish a specific set of topics using a publish map. Blocks of content can be reused using the variables component.

Content needs to be delivered across multiple channels – printed documents, website, mobile app, chatbots, customer support website, IoT devices, and beyond – but needs to be relevant to end-users in context of their search. Content needs to be served on demand similar to a service which works no matter the device, channel, and context in which it is viewed. It all comes down to structure.

Using Texdora's flexible book structure hierarchy component, you can design several types of book structures to support website, chatbot, IoT, and printed material. You can easily create one-page articles, blogs, and knowledge bases or create elaborate documentation projects for large distributed teams.

Texdora comes with an in-built review management system at the topic level that allows you to seamlessly send topics for review and track every iteration in the review cycle. This allows tight control over the review process and ensures no comment goes unnoticed. Texdora provides an approval mechanism at every topic level which is great for audit trails and single-sourcing.

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