Self Publishing

DITA based content require massive pre-production and post-production processing. In some cases, writers end up spending 60% of their time working on these non-writing tasks. The self publishing feature in Texdora cuts down the time spent on non-writing activities to 2% or less.

As authors and content developers, you need to get the right information, to the right people, at the right time, in the right language, on a plethora of devices - tablets, smartphones, edge computing enables sensors, and printed content. Texdora allows you to publish content to a variety of formats, including online, print, mobile and desktop.

A writer can simply open up the Texdora user module, spend a few minutes setting up the topic layout and dive right into writing. Once the content is ready for publishing, the writer can publish the content in Mirosoft Word, PDF, HTML, and XML with a few clicks. If the content needs to be hosted online, Texdora provides the Texdora Documentation Library, a managed service where you only need to write your documentation without having to worry about hosting, designing or coding your documentation portal. You can simply write and push your content online in no time.

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