Documentation Library

Texdora provides a hosted documentation portal for organizations looking to offer documentation and support content on an interactive portal. This allows organizations to directly engage with users and build a community around the product. Users can provide direct feedback on the learning assets at every paragraph or page level.

As a product manager, a writer or a content strategist, this feature can help you undertand what your users think about your product documentation and knowledge articles.

The advanced publishing feature in Texdora allows you to push your content to the web portal within minutes. Texdora Documentation Library is a 100% managed Cloud which means that you do not have to do anything to maintain the portal. We take care of your portal 24/7 and ensure that it is always available. Texdora Documentation Library is built on Microsoft Azure to guarantee 99% uptime and industry-leading security.

The Documentation Library also comes with its own analytics to provide data on usage patterns such as hits per topics, number of comments per topics, frequently viewed topics and least viewed topics. Such data can help you spot product features hugely popular with your users and features which are not used as frequently.

Most documentation tooling is totally loose, programmable and flexible to the point that it scares non-technical writers. They get swamped with too much customisations and having to deal with various new constructs that may not necessarily relate one-to-one with the typical writing and publishing structure of documents. Dynamic web portals, such as Texdora Documentation Library have product documentation structure built from ground-up. It meets the modern products documentation structural needs as it is built around a “framework”. This framework helps users to get started with writing documents faster with just the right amount of flexibility required for popular customisations and personalisation.

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